Aberford – Kickstarter, Left for Dead Housewives!


Et oui, revoilà une news sur un projet Kickstarter que je trouve excellent et prometteur! Aberford est un jeu qui s’annonce à la fois drôle et plaisant à jouer, une sorte de mix improbable entre Walking Dead et Desperate Housewives qui réclame la coquette somme de 675 000$ pour son auto-financement.

Les sommes demandées sont dans le norme haute avec des Tiers à 30$ et à 50$ pour obtenir le jeu ainsi que quelques bonus sympathiques. Le jeu est prévu pour PC, MAC, Linux, Wii, Playstation et Xbox. Tout semble bien se passer pour le moment car le jeu a déjà récolté 50000$ avec encore 27 jours de campagne restants.

Je vous invite à lire le descriptif complet du jeu et de la vision des développeurs concernant l’univers de Aberford.


Your chance to fight zombies as a badass 1950s housewife is finally here! Aberford lets you step into the heels of a post-WWII suburban housewife fighting to save her family, friends, and city from a rapidly spreading zombie virus.

Aberford uses the in-depth story telling of a graphic adventure game, like The Walking Dead, and switches to exciting brawler-style combat, like Assassin’s Creed, when it’s time to bash zombies.

Aberford boasts two modes of gameplay:
– Challenges let you and your friends unleash hell on the infected hordes, using a mix of combo attacks, intelligent counters, and crowd-control skills to get your point across.
– Campaign mixes the combat into an amazing story where you’ll guide the conversations, manage the group dynamic, and decide what course of action our heroines will take in order to uncover the mystery of what happened in Aberford.
– With complex character stories, tricky moral choices, Cold War intrigue, and all the zombie-crushing action you could ask for, we’re making a game that you’re going to love.

This Kickstarter is critical to making Aberford because we’re a small indie studio and we’re still early in production. A large part of our production budget is coming from crowdfunding, and without your help, we won’t be able to make this game. So please fund as generously as you can, and let’s make Aberford happen together!

Thrilling, Dynamic Gameplay
Aberford’s campaign mode is divided between storytelling and fighting, allowing you to test both your reflexes and your brainpower. During the storytelling sections, your choices affect:

– the information that comes out during the conversation
– the overall dynamic of the group
– the course of action the group ultimately follows

And there’s a steady supply of quick time events to help keep you in the action.

When the real fighting starts, you’ll transition seamlessly into a third-person, over-the-shoulder viewpoint to take control of the battlefield.
– Charge in headlong using melee combos and intelligent counters
– Weaken and disorient your enemies using clever utility skills
– Fight alongside your fellow housewives using the AI or another player using local Co-Op.
– Switch characters during a fight if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

In a challenging twist to the brawler format, all of your enemies in Aberford are bigger and stronger than you.
– Fight powerful, infected-type zombies, not waves of shambling corpses
– Earn each victory with cunning and tactics
– Use realistic weapons and techniques (no magical chainsaws)

Wide Hardware Compatiblity
Aberford is being developed for PC, but we intend to port it out to Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii. And while we don’t have final operating specs, we’re working to keep the code architecture of Aberford lean and efficient. We want this game to run on as many systems as possible so that as many gamers as possible can have access to it.