Echoes of Aura

Endless Legend – Echoes of Auriga disponible

Echoes of Auriga est disponible à l’achat!

A l’occasion de la sortie de la sortie du DLC gratuit Endless Legend™ – Forges of Creation Update, AMPLITUDE Studios nous propose sa sublime OST appelée Echoes of Auriga à l’achat et en streaming sur Bandcamp. Je vous invite à l’écouter car la qualité est vraiment au rendez vous


As nations explore and exploit Auriga, new things will eventually come to light. Unknown beings will be discovered and recruited, and old friends will unexpectedly develop new abilities. It is never easy to lead an empire, but fortunately one can learn skills and make allies that might – perhaps – render the task slightly less deadly.

Steam Workshop is now available for Endless Legend. You will be able to choose mods created by the community and composed Mod Compilations directly within the game menu. (Result of a GAMES2GETHER vote)
Compatibility with an open source external Map Editor
You will now be able to choose maps created by the community on Steam Workshop, and load them directly within the game menu. The community will be able to create new maps thanks to an external map editor called Tiled©. Thank you Thorbjørn!

Valete Sapiri Kugua, a new Sister of Mercy hero
One of only a handful who bear the title « Valete », Kugua earned this honorary rank through selfless dedication during the Red Pestilence. Whether it was luck or scientific deduction that compelled her to don what would become her trademark mask, she managed to avoid the airborne sickness that took the lives of so many. Kugua’s great golden pauldron earned her the nickname of « The Golden Saint » as she pursued her selfless rounds, caring for her city’s sick and dying.

Scyther, a « Guardian Killer » construct unit for « Endless Legend – Guardians »
Created by the Endless in their purge of Auriga – and of any power that might withstand them – the Scythers were designed with one goal in mind: To destroy any beings whose strength derived from Dust. Only partially effective during the Schism and the Dust Wars, the units were left in hibernation when the Endless on Auriga disappeared.


Vous pouvez acheter Echoes of Auriga sur Bandcamp au prix de 2.99€ en version MP3 et Lossless.

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