Code: HARDCORE, un jeu de combat de mecha en 2D sur Kickstarter 2

Code: HARDCORE, un jeu de combat de mecha en 2D sur Kickstarter


Présentation du Kickstarter de Code: HARDCORE, un jeu indépendant dans lequel on doit combattre des mechas en 2D. Il sera possible de jouer en solo ou en multijoueur. Le jeu sera disponible sur PC, Xbox One et PS4.

Les sommes demandées sont raisonnables, ils demandent 65 536 $ et ils ont déjà récolté 61 000$. Le jeu est bientôt financé et si le projet vous intéresse et que vous disposez de 25$, vous pouvez aider le financement global du jeu. Cette édition Super tester vous permet de récupérer une version de la démo jouable dès que la campagne sera achevée.


Code: HARDCORE is a high-quality 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience to every player. The game offers awesome features such as different styles of mechs, various elite weapons, unique items, stunning skins, smooth gaming control, hardcore combat feelings, and high-quality animations. Deadly unique combination of fighting styles are completely controlled and created by the player. Through various combinations, the player can create their own exclusive fighting styles.

If you are a mecha fan, DO NOT miss Code: HARDCORE !!!

The game can be played by using the classic joysticks, with similar functionality as Metal Slug or Contra. In the game, you can fly and dash at any time and with a manual aiming feature, you can put your skills to the test!

What’s the best thing to do after dinner? Play Code:HARDCORE with your friends!!

In addition to a V.S. Battle Mode, Code: HARDCORE has a well-designed single-player story mode. The single player story will immerse you in an exciting world of mechs as a soldier fighting in the great mech war!

Code: HARDCORE will support an online multiplayer mode when the game is officially released. As for the trial demo, the game only supports a local multiplayer mode which allows you to play with your friends on the same PC.

When we released the trial demo of Code: HARDCORE into the gaming community, we received countless positive feedback and support from all over the globe. At the gaming expos, we were pleased and honored to have a continual stream of people gathered at our booth. All of the players were eagerly waited in long lines to get a taste of Code: HARDCORE. We were extremely pleased with the results at the expos, and we are excited to bring the same experience to your homes!

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