Ghost Theory

Ghost Theory – Un projet Kickstarter qui fait peur

Ghost Theory – Un projet Kickstarter qui fait peur en VR et sans!

Présentation du Kickstarter de Ghost Theory, un futur jeu d’horreur des excellents Dreadlocks géniteurs de Dex. Le projet demande 100k £ ce qui semble raisonnable vu l’ampleur du jeu et le potentiel évident du projet.

On peut trouver le jeu à 20€ mais également des Tiers à 35€ qui vous donneront droit à une version beta et des goodies fort sympathiques.


Ghost Theory is a single-player horror adventure game focusing on stealth and exploration. Using a range of ghost hunting gadgets and abilities, you must investigate real world haunted places to reveal the truth behind their haunting, all the while evading the wrath of their resident evils ― or potentially eliminating them.

Although we fully intend to repeatedly scare the hell out of you, we are striving to design compelling gameplay, first and foremost. Freedom of exploration and player interaction are equally as vital to us as atmosphere and immersion, and represent the foundations on which our game is built.

Ghost Theory is very different from other horror games. You will not shoot zombies or aliens, run and hide from murderous psychopaths, or follow a scripted, linear path.

Instead, each location will be an open-ended haunted ground, with its own backstory for you to discover. But the more you explore and poke around, the more you risk angering the lingering spirits that roam the place.

Rather than physically try to kill you, ghosts will stalk and harass you, becoming more aggressive as you get closer to your objective. Manage your stress and find a way to banish or capture them before they literally scare you to death.

You are free to take shortcuts or take your time to discover optional areas and secrets, gather data in the form of Ectoplasm samples or possessed objects, capture footage of ghost activity, etc.

Gameplay will be varied and challenging. Even though you’re a professional ghost hunter, don’t expect to run around with a proton pack on your back, shooting wildly at everything that moves!

Instead, you must rely on stealth and observation to get by, and avoid direct contact with ghosts at all costs. Invisible and omniscient, they react to your actions and choose their moment to strike, making you feel vulnerable at all times.

However, vulnerable does not mean defenseless.

Your Clairvoyance gift allows you to catch a short glimpse of any ghost nearby, or experience flashbacks of past events to reveal clues.
Drops in temperature, indicative of a ghost’s proximity, can be noticed when exhaling and watching your condensed breath.
A range of ghost-hunting equipment can also give you the edge: a UV lamp to reveal what your eyes cannot see, a pendulum to locate buried objects, holy water to cleanse your surroundings, an EVP recorder to record otherworldly communication, and many more.
And if the terror gets too intense, there’s even a button to close your eyes for as long as you need.