Dawn of the Devs

Dawn of the Devs, le jeu où les développeurs sauvent le monde!

Dawn of the Devs, Gabe is coming for you!

Présentation du Kickstarter de Dawn of the Devs, un jeu d’action plateforme 2D qui nous permettra de jouer 3 développeurs légendaires du monde du jeu vidéo. Notre mission sera simple, sauver le monde, une ligne de code à la fois! Il y aura du bug et du debug pour tout le monde!

La somme demandée est modeste avec 65 000 $ comme but. Le projet commenceraisonnablement assez mal sa campagne avec déjà 6000$ pour le moment. Les tiers sont plutôt classiques avec du 15$, 30$ et 50$ pour une grosse édition collector avec bande son et artbook. A priori le projet est intéressant mais quid du gameplay, du fun ou tout simplement de l’intérêt réel du jeu? Nous verrons bien!


Dawn of the Devs is a 2D puzzle platformer where three game industry gurus (Tom Schiffer, Biff Klozinski and Hiro Komiya) embark on an epic quest after they are drawn into the Wicked World of Gaming, an alternate world where every negative aspect of the game industry has come to life thanks to the dark arts of a sinister character.

Together they’ll have to combine their unique abilities while they journey through twisted lands, defeating enemies and solving puzzles to rid the World of Gaming from the menace that has risen and threatens to destroy the game industry forever.


During a popular game event in Los Angeles, three game developers are drawn into a parallel world known as the Wicked World of Gaming. A world that was once not wicked at all, but has become corrupt since the rise of one sinister character, known simply as Chief Evil Overlord (C.E.O.). His power grows with every downside, every drawback and every negative bit of the game industry, and he is rising an army to also end the Earth’s game industry.

Only a bunch of heroes can stop the scheme of the Evil Overlord. They are legendary game gurus whose skills in game development have developed into unbelievable powers in the World of Gaming. They’ll assume the task of defeating the hordes of evil, and restoring order and peace to the World of Gaming.


– Puzzle, action and stealth in a 2D old school platformer!
– Team up and switch between characters, using their special abilities!
– Journey through a wicked world of gaming!
– Homage to all game developers and a nod to the game industry!
– Detailed 2D art & animations!
– PC Steam / GOG DRM Free