Découverte de Tala – An Explorational Puzzle Game sur Kickstarter

Découverte de Tala – An Explorational Puzzle Game sur Kickstarter.

Présentation du Kickstarter de Tala, un jeu d’exploration-puzzle qui mélange la photographie et les techniques d’animation traditionnelles. Le jeu est prévu sur PC et Mac et sachez qu’il est possible de télécharger la démo sur itch.io.

Petite présentation du jeu en anglais:
You play as the eponymous Tala, a forest spirit who hasn’t quite found her place in the little woodland town she calls home. You have been helping the Town Guardian prepare for their journey into the daunting Deep Woods so that they can try secure food for the upcoming winter. In their absence you’re tasked with making sure that the townsfolk don’t get up to too much mischief, at least until the Town Guardian gets back. But the Baker is going to want fruit for her pies, the Sproutlings are full of energy, they’re bound to get into trouble (they always do!), and who knows what the Inventor is up to…
tala screenshot

When the Town Guardian’s companion comes flying back into town early, you know that something has gone wrong. The Town Guardian is stranded in the Deep Woods. The Inventor’s dingy old plane is in disrepair, but with the help of the townsfolk you should be able to fix up the plane so you can quickly fly out and help the Town Guardian get back home before the winter hits.

tala screenshot
Au menu:
– A gorgeous art style that combines traditional animation techniques and nature photography.
– Nonverbal dialog system; Tala is a wordless experience. All of the conversations that you have with the townsfolk are completely visual.
– Interactive Environment; Tala is about play as much as it’s about exploration. Lots of the background features have superfluous animations that help the world feel alive.
– Puzzles! Special care is put into the puzzle design try and stay away for puzzles that adhere to moon logic.
– Music by Canadian fingerstyle guitarist Cody Rueger codyruegermusic.bandcamp.com

Thought Bubble Based Dialog System
Tala is a wordless experience, but it still has a fully featured dialog system. But instead of words it uses thought bubbles and animations! Chatting to the townsfolk bring up dialogue trees and little dialogue puzzles that you’re used to from point and click adventure games. This means that people can enjoy the world of Tala without having to be fluent in English.

Of course, this means that there’s a wide cast of characters to interact with. From the friendly townsfolk like the Baker & the Gardener, to those who live on the outskirts of town like the Inventor, or even some of the folk who live in the wilds of the Deep Woods, and beyond.

tala screenshot

Interactive Environment
The world of Tala is full of play. To help keep the world feel lively a lot of the background elements are intractable. Signs will blow in the wind, chimneys will bellow out smoke, windows will open and close. Some of these elements will be part of puzzles, so make sure that you play around with the environments! To help facilitate that, Tala uses a contextually aware cursor so you know what to expect when interacting with things.

Speaking of puzzles, to go with the environmental puzzles there’ll also be traditional point and click style puzzles where you’re collecting items and using them on other things, and distinct puzzle screens filled with puzzles for you to solve. You’ll be doing things like figuring out a way to get a lit match through a gushing waterfall, distracting a bird so you can make your way past it,create a path of stepping stones across a river so you can pass it, and much more.
tala screenshot

About that art:
All of the photography for Tala has been taken with my phone & an old point and click digital camera. From national parks across the state like Wilson’s Prom, The Dandenong Range & the Grampians, to small parks in Melbourne’s suburbs. There’s potential for game locations anywhere.

The animation is done digitally, but still uses traditional animation techniques. First I’ll do a rough version with a pencil brush and then I’ll go over it with a custom brush that I use for all of Tala’s linework and colour it in. A simple animation can take hours, but the end result is always worth it.

tala screenshot

Les récompenses:
Découverte de Tala - An Explorational Puzzle Game sur Kickstarter 2

Le résultat a l’air fort prometteur et j’ai backé le jeu à hauteur de 25CA$. Sachant pertinemment que le jeu risque de mettre un peu de temps à sortir, je vous en reparlerais d-s que possible.

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