Kologeon : un projet Kickstarter d’action aventure intéressant

Kologeon: un projet projet Kickstarter d’aventure splendide

Présentation du Kickstarter de Kologeon, un jeu d’action-aventure qui ressemble un peu à un mix entre Dark Souls et Hyper Light Drifter. Visuellement, le résultat est prometteur et il semblerait que le gameplay soit nerveux et profond!

Il est possible de participer au financement du jeu a hauteur de 10$ pour avoir accès au jeu, 15$ pour avoir un édition spéciale et 25$ pour avoir un accès à la beta! Livraison prévue en fin d’année 2017! La somme demandée est fort raisonnable de 35000$.


Kologeon is a dark mystic action adventure set in a procedurally generated realm tormented by demons and spirits. You are an immortal soul that can traverse dimensions outside of physical bodies, fighting for centuries as you establish permanent monuments to mark your journey.

Kologeon builds around the ideas of an unfolding experience, freedom of exploration, and self-discovery where quests and guides are not present letting you craft your own journey. With procedural generation we aim to create un-repetitive experiences where death is still a setback but won’t mean that you’ll have to memorize levels and replay the same thing over again. However this isn’t a roguelike. Your actions and progress stay permanent. Kologeon combines all the best from traditional RPGs and roguelikes to form an un-repetitive but progressive experiences.

We always wanted to create something dark, abstruse, fast paced and mysterious where your path is unknown as you journey into a creation formed by dreams and nightmares. Where the whole game is like a one big journey with no hubs to return to.

Kologeon is currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux.

– Explore and interact with a world built on top of itself, coexisting with another.
– Uncover the story through a gloomy dark atmosphere, interaction with spirits, and events you witness or cause. Every place and feature of the game is carefully crafted with a consideration of the bigger story. We want to create something deep that you could really lose yourself inside of.
– Fly, roll, and rip through demons with a fast satisfying mobility based combat involving astral projection, giant spiritual weapons, time disruption, possession and manipulation of souls. – — Forge weapons from your enemies and manifest their abilities.
– Enemies are able to dodge, parry, and tear you to pieces as the game is easy to pick up but difficult to master.



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